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Whether a one-off investigation into a website, or in depth investigation into a syndicate, Veto uses highly skilled investigators to provide in-depth reports based on actionable intelligence.

Veto can provide information on enforcement options available, and point you in the right direction.

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Social Media

Ingest Live

Set up a channel, set a schedule and ingest into major social networks that support live detection and takedowns from a single interface.

If you are authorised by the social media companies to ingest, you can use Veto to consolidate and simply your workflow, or we can work with you to manage this process for you.

Veto supports ingesting primary (video) and secondary (audio) feeds where available, allowing infringing feeds to be detected across multiple languages in real-time. Perfect for all sporting events.

Manage Takedowns

Take control of the search and takedown process for your content.  Use key words to search across social media for your content from a single console.  Whitelist authorised partners. Automate the evidence collection process for more complex cases.

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